Pinging Staff for Answers

Hello everyone! As you should all know by now we have another Community Manager, @Nugget! I am going to be stepping away from responding on the forums as I need to focus on the rest of PerBlue. As much as I love hanging out and answering all your questions I do need to go do other things. So please make sure you are now pinging @Nugget for questions and issues. Please DO NOT just ping me. You can still ping me, but it may take awhile for a response or you won’t get any response at all. I’m not ignoring you I am just very busy!


Oooo. @Nugget is getting a promotion. Congrats to you pal.


Congrats Nugget since Loutre is busy are you still working new heroes and new update

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Alrighty :+1:
Thanks for the notice.

I have been posting patch notes and updates for some time now and will continue handling them from here on out

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Will this mean a decrease in interaction in terms of feedback threads etc? It’s nice that you’re able to take some time to reply on those @loutre and participate in discussion - it would be a shame if PBs forum involvement was reduced to just update posts and moderation :stuck_out_tongue:

(yes that is a ping, lol)


We’ll still be interacting with and creating feedback threads as we do value player feedback! The only change here is that I will be on the front end instead of Loutre :slightly_smiling_face:


great! thanks :grin:

Hopefully @Nugget will be more helpful. Goodluck.

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You get to hold the bullseye! Good luck!

Congrats Nugget!

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