Pink Panther concept

Pink Panther concept

Stars at beginning: :star2:
Role: Damage
Position: Front
Team: Red

Entry: Pink Panther slowly goes to his position on battle while smoking his cigarette. He throw away cigarette when he gets to his position.
Victory: Pink Panther dance…

Defeat: Pink Panther stiffens in fear and fall on his back.

Basic attack: Pink Panther punch with fist closest enemy


White skill - Revenge time (true damage)
Passive: Pink Panther blocks any damage which would take more than 50% of his max HP. Pink Panther also receive 80% of the damage from enemies.

Active: Pink Panther hit with hammer enemies, deals X damage, additionally he deal equal damage to all enemies which he absord from last 10 seconds, or from latest use of this skill.

Green skill - Uncatchable (normal damage)
Pink Panther dodges attacks and counter them back to enemy which would damage him and enemies close to the target. Pink can dodge attacks every 8 seconds. Enemies damaged also receive stun for 5 seconds.

After dodge Pink Panther becomes invincible for 2 seconds.

Blue skill - On style
Pink Panther convincingly charms closest enemy for 10 seconds, charmed enemy basic attack and speed attack increase by 200%. Cooldowns of charmed enemy skills are reduced by 50%.

While enemy is charmed, Pink Panther gains X skill power and X tenacity.

Purple skill - Not so lucky
For each debuff which expire on Pink Panther, he gains X basic damage and 5% speed attack, this doesn’t have any limits, bonus stays between waves.

Red skill - Panther tricks
Pink Panther have 50% chance to stun enemy with basic attack. ‘‘Revenge time’’ and ‘‘Uncatchable’’ reduce enemy’s armor and reality by 50% for 15 seconds.


  • skill power
  • basic damage
  • HP


Pink Panther - Donald Duck

Tenacity lose after ‘‘Revenge time’’

  • basic attack
  • skill power

Enemies damaged by ‘‘Revenge time’’ lose 20% (+20% per star) of their tenacity for 10 seconds.

Pink Panther - Rex

Share basic attack bonus from ‘‘Not so lucky’’

  • allies’ first 2 basic attacks also deal X true damage
  • skill power to allies

Allies receive 20% (+20% per star) of basic attack bonus from ‘‘Not so lucky’’.


Not bad. Does it got an entrance victory and defeat?

Added, including entry and BD :wink:

I don’t think it’s a cigarette nor a cigar

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