Pip(unlikely character concept)

Description: the British boy, who is usually the butt of the joke will prove is worth on the battlefield.
Quote: “ lunchie munchies hmmmm?”.
Entrance:Pip comes out of the South Park Elementary bus.
Win:pip starts celebrating.
Loose:pip falls and cracks his noggin.
Basic attack: pip throws a dodge ball at the enemy.
[Special attacks]
White: lunchie munchies: pip gives tea to the hero with the lowest health on your team and heals them and also gives them four stacks of hardy.
Green: slide tragedy: pip slides down a slide and hits the farthest enemy dealing x amount of damage.
Blue: tally ho: pip starts going “whippy tippy to to” draining the enemy’s and shields your team.
Purple: pink eye: “lunchie munchies” now heals z amount of health
Red:Cheerio!: “slide tragedy” now slows enemies for y amount of seconds
statler and waldorf [st] is called “golly good” and the hero, who receives the tea also gains reflection.
Pip is just walking down the street and then Statler and Waldorf see him out of the windows, and start insulting him. Pip tries to start reasoning with them but they just start roasting him even more. in the end pip just goes away.
Allies: bluey, Kermit, dash.
The thorn king [th] called “ reasoning with the dead” “slide tragedy” now stuns enemies for t amount of seconds.
Pip comes across the black cauldron and accidentally frees the thorn king. The thorn king starts spawning his minions. pip somehow defeats all of them and puts the thorn king back in the cauldron.
Allies: angel, mushu, jake long.

just to clarify for anyone wondering, despite being a British boy, I am not a South Park character :stuck_out_tongue:


No way :exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head::exploding_head:

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