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If anyone came over from Dragonsoul, you may remember me as an avid ranter and good-at-math dude, who’ve made the rune helper and scraps helpers websites.

So when I came over to test Disney Heroes, I’ve decided to adapt what’s already done to this game, since it’s designed “pretty close”.

So here is Disney Heroes Plan Helper website -
If you’re afraid to click - don’t worry, it doesn’t have a single input field asking for anything, it doesn’t have any dynamic content at all.

WARNING: if you don’t like spoilers for heroes, chapters, drops, etc. - don’t go there.

What’s inside?

  • A comprehensive list of heroes, sorted alphabetically, with links to description/skills, badges by rarity, stats by rarity and bits needed for each rarity.

  • Hero page has a brief description of the hero, some tags, core stats with a calculator, hero’s friends, and skills. Each skill has a description like in-game, plus some bonus stuff for math lovers, like skill power/basic damage coefficients, damage type, knockback distance, etc.

  • Badges list for each hero includes badges for each rarity, along with stats and the required bits for each badge (togglable)

  • Stats by rarity includes stats by each rarity (DUH). It accumulates each stat using badges from each rarity. It doesn’t include the main part though - soon it will have enhancements too, meaning you can analyze and think whether the hero should be evolved or not, because sometimes you lose the more precious stat from the previous enhancements.

  • Bits needed for each rarity allows you to select a single or multiple heroes, select the needed rarities (from, to) and voila, you get the list of all the bits/plans you need to evolve the hero(es). Like this

  • The lists of badges/plans/bits is pretty much straightforward. The only cool thing is bits dropped from trials are marked as being opaque in any of the lists.

  • The badge page includes: stats of the badge, short description, gold/diamonds/tokens values, detailed crafting tree, all the bits required to assemble the badge, plus the list of heroes that equip the badge, and also the list of heroes that need the badge (combined into another badge)

  • The bit page includes: buy/sell values, drop locations, what badges use these bits, and what heroes require these bits.

  • A separate drops page, which includes all the badges/bits dropped for each stage

  • Complete friendship list, with all the heroes, all the levels and all the memory disks -

  • Smart enhance table, where you can see the cost effective badges -

  • And a tribute to creeps you encounter in campaign -


Great work, as always :wink:


Wow, nice! Thanks for your work!


Hi Alex:slight_smile:

Let’s get DS people to this game, and let DS die finally:slight_smile:


OMG . Thats all I was wanting.
Thank you.
Very appreciated.


I’ve managed to understand how to automate getting all the needed images from game files.
For now I’ve added heroes icons, looks better -
Items will require some more work, but hopefully will be there


Awesome thanks. All games need people like you :joy::joy:


@AlexeiD, wow nice work man. I’ve been trying to get some of this info together for a while. I’ve been trying to focus on enchanting and its worth but I couldn’t find all the info for it how did you find all this info? Is it possible for you to set up a table or something that shows which badges are more cost effective for enchanting than the sum of its parts. For example some blue badges give 80 enchanting points but if you broke it up into its most basic form then you would get more enchanting points. Ive noticed that alot of blue badges are not worth what it costs to combine them when it comes to enchanting but some purple give like an extra 100 points when completed.


I’ve added all the items icons, now everything looks much more fancy. Like this -

I’ve also added all the enhancement info for badges, plus it’s used on the hero stats page.
Why is this important? Let’s check Yax for example -
As you see, since he has a conservation item at Purple, it has a serious boost with enhancement. Should you up him to Purple+1, you’ll lose the bonus, and he’ll have less conservation.
So now you can plan ahead and think, if the lost bonus is less or more important than the new gained ones.

It’s all inside game files. I won’t post any info about data-mining techniques, since it’s a clear off-topic.

I’ll think of it, but won’t promise.


Are those stats based on a 5* yax ?


The stats displayed are from gear only.
Doesn’t include base heroes stats (HP, Basic Damage, Skill Power) or memory disks.


Hero pages now include memory disks information.
Also added the separate friendship page so you can catch them all -


That is amazing man! Thanks for sharing!


Amazing work - yet again - organizing the info for us lowly peasants!

Your site & all of your data-collection helped so many of us TREMENDOUSLY in DragonSoul (DSers represent, whoop whoop)! Cannot wait to make use of it for this game as well. :grinning:


Heroes list page now includes a filter for roles, positions and teams.

Added the separate page for skills, where you select the damage type of the skills you want to see (and other possible effects), and after that it shows you the heroes and the exact skills that do that. See for yourself here -


Wow just wanted to say thank you for your time and work.


The drops page now include the chips for heroes dropped in elite campaigns -
Also each hero has drop locations listed if any

Each hero has basic stats growth displayed

I’ve added a spoiler page for the curious viewers, it shows the list of possible future heroes found in game files. WARNING: don’t go here if you don’t like to spoil the fun -


I’ve revamped the hero page. See this for example -

Hero’s core stats can be now calculated by entering hero’s level, stars and rarity.

Also you can now calculate all the skills’ values, by entering hero’s level, basic damage and skill power.

I hope to have the ability to auto-calculate basic damage and skill power with level, stars and rarity too, then it would be easier to see how good a hero performs at a certain level.


And another addition.

On the hero page when you choose values for core stats, you have the option to add all the badges stats up for that rarity, to see the resulting HP, Basic Damage and Skill Power. Plus when you calc that, the numbers automatically appear for skills calculator, allowing you to somewhat quickly toggle back and forth.

Plus the hero stats by rarity was revamped with an option to add core stats too. Now you can see all the stats your hero will have with the corresponding badges and level/stars. Like this -


Friendships page now includes formulas too -

Since I’m a newbie in game, I can hardly check if it scales correctly, but it should.

If someone finds mistakes, feel free to point them out.