“Play Next” button for campaign

Hey everyone. Whenever I fight in campaign and I win, I get brought to the victory screen like normal. However, I don’t like how I have to exit that screen, then click the level, and then fight. I think I’d be nice to have a “play next” button next to the continue button. That way, when you win, you can just click that button, and it’ll take you to the team select for the next battle. Obviously, if you don’t win, instead of having a play next, it could be play again, or just not have another button. I made a quick edit that might give an idea of what I’m saying:

Of course, the button would be nicer, and it would look like the other one. Anyway, that’s just a thought for what could be added. If you want to add on or anything, please feel free! Thanks! :slight_smile:


I was actual thinking how I wanted a “Rerun with same team” button to save time and not have to go to character select each time since a lot of times I reuse the same team.


Yeah same. It’d be so useful when your grinding campaign and stuff…

It’s a cool idea, but then you would miss part of the story. You know, the line of dialogue at the top of each level, above the enemy portraits.

Oh yeah, true. I forgot about that cause I usually never read it lol. Maybe the people that want to read could just click continue and proceed like normal? That way the people who want to read the story can still read it, but the people that don’t can’t just skip it. If that makes sense…


That does sense, just didnt think about it.


Cool idea!!!

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Thanks! And welcome to the forum!

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