Please change the first rule for the upcoming Arena/Coliseum season!

I’m normally one of the most vocal advocates for this rule, but we really don’t need it while Eda is dominating the meta to such an extent. This past season with the rule in effect was sheer hell, and having another season of it but with Rose being balanced/nerfed is likely to be hell squared. And the fact that it’s scheduled to be used again after all the complaints over it during the past four weeks makes me wonder if our feedback is being considered after all.

@TheGrillFather, is there any chance that this rule can be replaced with something else before the season starts? Or should I just plan on having another 15-30 minutes of free time every day? Because there’s no way I’m going to even bother with Arena or Coliseum if we have to deal with that rule again with the current meta.


Agree completely. I am not even bothering to use half my battles when Eda is on the team with Dante. Add Rose and Kuzco and I cannot even score five points for the battle.

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Yeah that rule again is completely bonkers…

The matter of the fact is just that you can beat anyone without Eda, with Eda and the rest you’ll know you lose …

I’ll ask the team!


A defence of like - Eda, Shere Khan, Luz, Joy and some combination of Jim, Kuzco et. al will be almost undefeatable unless this rule is changed :dizzy_face: this last season was already hard enough!

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We’re testing out to make sure that the change will not cause issues, but we’re looking to have Rule 1 changed with the update today!


The new rule looks… amusing, given the others for the season. Definitely an improvement over what we had before. Thanks!

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Your thoughts on the new rule are much appreciated. Thanks a bunch!


Can you please bring QF bonus also bring new rules for bonus points, the one with high team power rule is seems only for P2W.

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