Please! Help me about Aladdin


Guys! Please help me know Aladdin. He was a newcomer to my server (14 Raspbeary) and I want to know if he is a hero who is strong and reliable. I am concerned about his Magic Carpet Ride because I am afraid that he might die easily in battle since he is going in the middle of the enemy team. Please tell me if he’s someone to rely on because if he’s not, I’m not going to upgrade him. Please!


I use him in my team he is so good at dodging ! Sometimes he dodge powerful attacks !
Also i use genie disk for him !
But I think there are better damage dealer but I’m fine with alladin he is not so squishy and he so a amazing hob


Aladdin is one of my mains. With the Shank disk and Barbossa with Tia disk, Judy with Felix disk, Mickey with Skellington disk, Sparrow with Barbossa disk.

That line makes short work of slower control lines. Toss up against cold lines though.


You’re right about Magic Carpet Ride. Aladdin is a freakin’ Kamikaze. Odds are, he will not live to see another day… so he’s mainly a pvp unit, where you don’t care about star rating. But, at the same time, he is a crazy distraction, everyone focuses on him and it gives your team some breathing room. And this guy’s dodging everything like a madman while dealing tons of damage.


Oh, thanks @Parsa_IV @DSM_Ignoramus ! I am now convinced that he is good. But sadly, Genie, Shank, and Jack Skellington is not yet available in my server. I mean, Genie is at the VIP crate (F2P player). I wonder if he can survive even without disk?

@Rin_the_Hateful Do you mean that Aladdin is only a bait to keep the stronger heroes survive longer?



Maybe it is much better jack sp disk to nick… bec your already focusing on damage… so it will help also alladin for damage and armor negation…


No, he’s strong, but is more likely to die first because most enemy attention is on him. Which is pretty bad for Aladdin, but a relief for the rest of the team. Kinda like a byproduct of his kit.


Aladdin is the quintessential assassin of the game. He has very high dps while being able to dodge near anything. If he gets controlled with a stun, freeze, etc. He can no longer dodge and will fall like a sack of bricks. He is great against Zurg as he will typically land in the middle of a team which is where Zurg will be most of the time.

His disk with Shank as previously stated is preferred, however if you are concerned about his survivability his disk with Genie is also really nice. It gives him Ralph’s purple regeneration and a small invincibility. However if you want him to really pump out damage with the intent of taking out a high priority target quickly Shank is simply better.


Ah, okay, okay. Now I get what you mean. :slight_smile:


Okay guys. Let me clear some things up. I’m currently at a low level (TL50), so getting disks is not yet an option. This is my alternate account so I want to test his skills without a disk. And if I found out that he’s really strong, I will also build him up on my first account (which is TL80 max level) and get a Genie disk (because Shank is not available in my server). So basically, I want to test his abilities.

And also, I noticed that Jack Sparrow’s dodging skill is 1 second faster than Aladdin’s.


Correct however like Jessie, Aladdin has a 25% chance to dodge incoming attacks and abilities. So while the dodge that triggers every so seconds has a longer window between dodges is longer. His dodge and counter also steals energy making him delay a hero’s white skill and charges his at the same time.


Am I the only one who has put Aladdin, Quorra, and Bogo together in the same surge team and destroyed all the enemies present??


Hi, I too am from server 14. I agree with anyone who has said that he is a good character to have on your team. Currently I’m leveling him up, so I’ve only used him in surges, but even in surges he is a very reliable character.


Oh, thank you @Kinokan. Your explanation is very clear. I’ll keep that in mind.