Please nerf the following characters

Buzz Lightyear, Tia Dalma, Scrooge McDuck, Jack Sparrow, Mr. Incredible, Stitch, Shank, and Darkwing Duck. Either nerf them, or PLEASE stop making me fight them so much, in the main campaign or friend campaigns. Those overpowered jackasses are really getting on my nerves.

Also, could Basil PLEASE throw a few less darts from now on, and Maximus PLEASE stop eating so many apples?! It’s so ridiculous, how everyone in the arena and coliseum always HAVE to have those two characters on their team, and they always HAVE to spam those moves.


That’s a you issue not a game issue…


Who’re your heroes, then?


I’m sure you are kidding


None of them needs a nerf, but instead, a refresh (minus Max).

That’s on you, you just need to upgrade heroes for the friendship campaigns.


You forgot Darkwing and Tia :eyes:

They already got a good refresh


This is non-sense Lol. upgrade Cheshire and Max They will be enough to counter those
I guess Your Team contains UP Yax,Ralph,Van,Calhoun,Etc
Using This UP characters… will get you very high in DH:BM


It won’t help.

Nobody uses Basil. Wake up.

And even if do, Basil is the easiest to counter hero in this game.


I guess you need to wake up


I am, no Basil at all. Nowhere. Null!

Can I ask who your main characters are?

If you are using the oldest characters as in like the characters you got in the tutorial they are unfortunately really weak as they haven’t been updated, and game progression wise you are meant to move on to newer and better characters as you get further into the game.

You could say it is the survival of the fittest or to say the most adaptive, like you either adapt or you get left behind. Power Creep in these kind of games will likely always be a thing so you either have to join power creep or keep Power Creep in check by crowd control and such.

But yeah, hope it becomes better for you White_Wolf_V :-).


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Personally i think only his white skill is useful all the others ARE USELESS

Sometimes. But I always feel sorry for my opponent when their Basil attacks Miss Piggy who is linked to Meg so she can’t die

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It is good unless it will target Hades, Gaston, and now Kronk… so unfortunately, against most of lines Basil will be useless.

As well, he got 0 negation and evasion.

Purple skill blocks other skills, red skill is never used, blue skill have WAY TOO LONG cooldown. Randall disk is the worst one in game.


My main heroes are Chief Bogo, Flynn Rider, Rapunzel, Darkwing Duck, and Robin Hood. Occasionally, I switch out one with characters like Slinky for his shield, Jafar and Mad Hatter for their charms, or Jasmine, Genie, and Jack Skellington for their fantastic damage abilities. Though I can’t do that in friend campaigns, where I can only use the heroes I’m assigned. And in certain levels, the ones I listed in my first post make winning impossible.

@Ruler_Flower123 you can create a topic about that, this is off topic here

What’s a off topic?

Both of these are terrible in this team…

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Wha…?! But… Bogo has a shield and flashbangs that blind. And Flynn’s special attack does a lot of damage and steals energy, so he can do it again shortly afterwards. In fact, when doing Flynn’s friend campaign with Aladdin, it was usually Flynn who did most of the work, after my other teammates went down. (And I’m sure he’d have single-handedly won the level I’m currently stuck on too, if it wasn’t for Scrooge doing so much damage.)

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