Please STOP! with the Pay to Win contests

I thought contest changes were made to help everyone be on a level playing field but how can that happen when you get contest deals now ? You not even hiding it with deal like this


Contests have always been pay to win; at best, you can hope to occasionally sneak into the top 1% of rankings if you’re strictly F2P, although usually the best you can get is a top 10% finish. You can get all the progress rewards without spending, though, so long as you’ve had the foresight to keep hoarding the things that still reward hoarding (in this case, badge tokens, gold, and infected areas).


In s21 the deal wont even give you first tier reward

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OK, I’m curious; what’s the point structure on S21, and what’s in the contest deal?

So same price but doesnt give you any mile stones

Maybe my math is wrong, but it looks like that deal, on its own, would give a little over 600,000 points, mostly from the gold (worth a little over 460,000 points). Which is still pathetic, yes.

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Its 150k for the gold 50k for bazzar

Lowest tier 325k points

This deal gives 200k points

The 6 infcted areas are tottaly worthless

So the deal doesnt help with tier reward or rankings

Definately needs to stop or half the price or even better make 4 5,50.- deals with the same reward ä🙄

You’re not counting all the points. Try buying a badge with tokens; you’ll see that you’ll get 9 points per token spent as it’ll count in both the “5 points per token” and “4 points per token” categories. So, assuming that the player buying this deal is starting from 0:
Badge tokens = (4*10,000) + (5*10,000) = 90,000
Gold = (10,000,000/65) + (10,000,000/32) = 153,846 + 312,500 = 466,346
Infections = (6*1350) + (6*9070) = 8100 + 54,420 = 62,520
So, if you’re starting from 0, the deal is worth 618,866 points. The more you have, of course, the less the deal is worth to you; it could be worth as little as 201,946 points, although if that’s the case, you’ve got enough for a million points from your own inventory anyway.

It is, at any rate, a poor deal, and insultingly worse than what the older servers get.

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I agree that this deal is a sleazy cash grab, but don’t spread misinformation using bad math.
The 10 million gold on that deal will get you:
10 000 000 / 32 + 10 000 000 / 65 = 466 346 points

The badge tokens: 10 000 * (4 + 5) = 90 000

The infected areas: 6 * (9070+1350) = 62 520

For a total of 618 866 points. Which still sucks, since it isn’t even enough to complete the event…

Edit: @Jody_Caviness looks like you beat me to it ;p


Last week I didn’t even bother with the spend diamonds contest… now this week it’s the badges which most of us use immediately out of necessity. Simply because building badges has become so expensive. The infection consumable is all but obsolete. I cannot tell you the last time I’ve seen one in a “deal”. Even when they are available, nobody in their right mind will spend actual money on them. So now I’ve sat here and spent 45 mil gold on crates and I haven’t even reahed the first tier.

Reading through the forums today, it’s not just here but A LOT of players are just fed up. I’ve been playing for over two years with several restarts, and can totally see why everyone is so frustrated. PerBlue literally never throws anyone a bone.

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Not saying the deal doesn’t make this contest pay to win. Although even on higher servers it wont get you all the progress prices.
You can get far with careful planning.
Everybody can choose to save the tokens and get by for several weeks with just your stamina.
And spend the tokens during contests then.

Who does that with only having to face such contests now and then?? We wait 3 month not using bazaar tokens or what?? Then they probably mind giving us sth to waste them beforehand and start exactly that contest afterwards followed by overpriced deals :man_shrugging:t2:

Same as making us to use exact that arena tokens in sabotage to open the arena exclusive crates 2 days later. Cw war sabotage + Cw contest followed by cw toon :roll_eyes:
I even dont wanna mention FtN + guild stam and crate timing

To be honest i waited with my badge tokens, knowing a contest would come around again.
So yeah i saved them up for 2 to 3 months.
As for the tokens you mentioned, every league has the same sabotage and i am not dure enough about my case that highest war league will always have arena tokens as sabotage before an arena exclusive crate.
The ftn contests are definitely P2W but thats okay if you set your mind to that.
The other contests are manageable for now that one being hugely strict pay 2 win is not that bad in my opinion

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