Pluto Concept (Already in minnie’s skill) (unlikely)


Pluto is a backline hero on the control team. Pluto is on the red team, he is 2 stars :star: :star:.

Position- Backline
Stars- 2 stars
Trial team- Red Team
Role- Control
Desc- Pluto uses his dig skill to fight off the enemies and kill them.
Quote- “Woof Woof, hahaha”

Entrance: Pluto walks into the scene
Lost: Pluto sighs and leaves
Victory: Pluto digs and puts the bone in his mouth and jumps
Basic Attack Animation: Pluto taunts the nearby enemy


The Little Dog :dog: :white_circle:
Pluto uses his “Bone” skill power, he barks at the closest enemy taking +XP Max Damage and decreasing the enemies buff.

Go Pluto! :paw_prints::dog::green_circle:
Pluto charges at the closest front line enemy, he uses his “The Little Dog” Skill and decreases +X Armor, Hardy Stacks away from them.

Bone digging :bone::dog::paw_prints::large_blue_circle:
Pluto shield blocks the weakest ally, he runs around the Red Team ally and heals them creating +XP Max HP increase for duration. This can also multiply the ally increasing 60% of duration.

Happy Easter! :rabbit2::paw_prints::dog::egg::purple_circle:
Pluto transforms into his easter outfit, he barks and stuns the enemy for 6 seconds and decreases X+ Armor and Reality decrease.

Barking Panic :scream: :dog::dog::paw_prints::paw_prints::red_circle:
Pluto uses his “Go Pluto!” Skill power, he barks and taunts the enemy decreasing their XP+ Max HP.

Battle Badge

+Shield block for Red Team Ally
+Armor and Max HP
+X Heal and Max XP.

Mickey Mouse- I love you pluto!

Campaign 1: The Dog Park, Campaign 2: The Missing Case of Carabelle Cow

Slinky Dog- Slink-Mystery

Campaign 1: The Slinky detective

Blind, Charm, Freeze, Basic Attack Damage, Stun, Damage, Control, Red Team, Support and Mickey and Friends

Thanks for reading my concept @ShadowMan16 and others! I’m really hoping I could win, but I’ll just have to wait and see


Great concept, but Pluto was already in the game. He was in Minnie’s white skill.


i know, I put the reminder up in the title, but thank you


It means it’s an unlikely concept

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