Pluto hero consept

Hero: Pluto
role : damage
entrance: walks happily in to the battle field bio: woof woof defeat: looking sad at the floor White skill: catch Pluto A bone is thrown to the battle field if Pluto catches it he gains 200 energy and has a bone to attack with for 30 seconds if he does not catch it he run into the enemy and does 1265 damage green skill: A dogs bark pluto barks everywhere and does 345 damage in each bark blue skill: guarding dog pluto were’s his army hat and give himself and allies 1245 defence purple skill: good boy pluto gains 300 energy and more basic damage red skill mans best friend If Mickey Mouse is in the battle field Pluto and him gain 4000 energy and gain 4567 basic damage and 3432 defence Friends Mickey Mouse-Pluto disk name best friends goofy-Pluto disk name you chose

2 star hero

I mean fetch not catch

And he in yellow or red

Actually, Pluto must be in team red with the other Mickey Mouse characters

That sounds more like a quote than a bio

Where is the victory?

Numbers vary

Needs better disc name

I choose?

But this

That doesn’t work as a red skill, and unlikely to happen

But this is not bad :grin:, just needs some improvements.


You need 2 discs

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