Pocahontas (Concept)

Pocahontas (Backline, Support hero)

Colors of the Wind:
•Instead of having a basic attack, the player chooses an enemy for Pocahontas to link with at the start of battle. While the battle is on auto, Pocahontas choose the front-most enemy at the time of link activation.
•While linked, the enemy is studied and their overall damage output is reduced by X percent.
•Pocahontas summons a strong autumn wind, knocking all enemies back and slowing them. The slow has a chance to fail against enemies above level X.

Friends of the forest:
Passive: Meeko drops a biscuit on the battlefield any time Pocahontas hits an enemy with a skill. Biscuits can be eaten when walked over by an ally, healing the ally for X amount.
Active: Flit is summoned and attacks the last person to damage Pocahontas dealing multiple strikes with his beak, dealing X normal damage with each strike. This skill can activate even if Pocahontas is frozen, stunned or silenced.

Wise Willow:
Grandma Willow’s branches stretch down curing all disables from allies.

Just Around the River Bend:
Pocahontas rallies her allies giving them X energy.

Safety of Shade: While Grandma willow is being summoned and for X second after Pocahontas gains invincibility.

Friendship Disks:
Dr. Facilier:
Herbal Concoction:
•Wise Willow also heals Pocahontas for X amount of health
•Increase Ally HP

Hector Barbossa:
Sails on the Horizon:
•After the first enemy is defeated, Pocahontas studies all enemies with “Colors of the Wind” in addition to her linked enemy. The study on the non-linked enemies lasts for X seconds (as disk is upgraded)
•Increase Ally Basic Attack


Nice concept:)

I’ll like to see more of this

Such as ducktales,mulan,and also Mary poppins returns characters

They should add mulan

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