Polaris, add my heroes I made


So, @Polaris, I would say you could add dipper pines, because you would need people like him. Because I am going to make Soos and Stab next, and Dipper would be 1 star and such as mabel. Also Soos and maybe Stan Pines. Because we need these people added, gravity falls would be great to see added.



Do you… realize how rude and entitled you sound right now?



Wdym @Wobbly???



Stan* I need to edit.



Yeesh, everone makes Hero Wish Lists here, but they don’t expect nor ask them to be added in the game…



Dude, these topics are more for sharing the ideas with other players. The developers pay attention to some characters which are the most requested like Hiro, Baymax, Elsa or Jack Scellington. But I don’t remember them using our concepts. It’s just for “Look whak I made, dudes!”, we shouldn’t expect PerBlue to add them.



That’s almost exactly what I have been feeling about it. I do my Ducktales series only because try out my concepts and show that I do want them in the game, just don’t expect my skill sets to make it in.



I have to say that as a character concept creator myself, your concepts are some of the worst I have seen. The format is lazy and the skills are widely unoriginal. You have no sense of scaling and no idea of how to make characters that can synergize well or break the mold in any sense of the word.

As a concept creator we have to understand that no one owes us anything and that we have no say who gets implemented into the game and even if by chance we did we have no guarentee that they will be as we envision them. That being said, keep making the concepts and do fun and unique things with them. Put some effort into it. Make sure the skillset would be recognizable as that character. But above all else NEVER assume that it will be implemented especially with such a narcissistic and entitled attitude like what you have put on display here.



And oftentimes, developers and creators specifically avoid looking at fan works, lest a bug get in their ear, they churn out something suspiciously similar unintentionally, and it becomes a liability issue down the line.

I doubt the devs really look at the kits themselves, but I’m sure they track who people are talking about and how often.

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If they do, then hopefully this means Mulan is on the way. Would everyone plz stop talking about the queen of hearts? :grin:

If she shows up in game imma blame all who spoke of her.



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Ok calm down big time.

First of, I am 98% sure that this is mostly because the OP is doing Gravity Falls characters which I get the impression you want to claim the soul right to use.

Second off, this topic is TWO MONTHS old for crying outloud. Let sleeping dogs die.



Umm… “let sleeping dogs die” sounds dark…



My points remain unaddressed :wink:



Actually, it’s “Let sleeping dogs lie”, not “Let sleeping dogs die”

You don’t have to lambaste somebody because, what? They do Gravity Falls concepts, which you do?

Everyone has the rights to add in Character Concepts, we’re here to add suggestions and make constructive criticism.

Note that making criticism is one thing, lambasting someone is another.



Yeah, I remember a person who did that to me back in February. They really liked my Ducktales concepts, so much that they private messaged me 10 times asking for the same characters! After me not immediately doing those characters, he made a series of concepts for Ducktales characters that were kinda… bad. Then they went on to insult me and my concepts! The point is, it’s ok to have someone else doing the same characters as you, but don’t insult their creation.



Well, guys I’m just making a chat where you guys vote what hero should I make cause gravity falls is already done don’t neeed complaints.



Look, I’d hate to break the news to you, but criticism is the only way to improve



I think you should know that there are different types of Criticism here in the Forums…

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I agree with @Wobbly. You are a bit entitled because your concepts aren’t clear and they don’t reach past 5/10 on the scale. Don’t beg. Also you know that if PerBlue does use ideas from users on the forums it is most likely that they would use multiple ideas to fit into one

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