Polaris, what officially does Hardy do?

I’m in a debate on reddit about what Hardy is and isn’t supposed to block. Various chats with support staff appear to disagree with what is written in the FAQ support pages.

Can we please get an official answer to clear up the confusion?

It’s not an “official” answer, but from what I’ve seen hardy blocks every single negative thing, except instant damage. Disables and debuffs, but also knockbacks and even damage over time.


Yeah, the problem is there hasn’t been any consistency over the duration of Hardy being in the game. There have been periods where it blocked everything, then where it didn’t block stuns and freezes, and now it seems to block everything except Mulan’s firework stun.

We need to know both what it does and what its SUPPOSED to do, so we can bug report it doing things it shouldn’t.

List of debuffs

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Regrettably, there is no staff response to that thread. Since the Hardy mechanism has changed so many times, Im not trusting any player experience. I want someone from Perblue to come out and say directly what they want Hardy to be.

1.Disables are a type of debuff.

2.Hardy blocks mulan stun

  1. Support is really inconsistent with their response and most of the time they contradict them self saying 2 different things.


Hardy does not block Mulan’s stun. Not currently at least.

It does and u can see it in the video above

This entire thread was spawned because of a video from this week where it did not block it.

Well u can clearly see it’s blocking it.

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