List of disables and debuffs


Disable type Good sources
Stun Ralph, Magica De Spell, Gaston, Hiro
Silence Scar, Simba & Nala [Hu], Gerald, Marlin & Nemo, Mushu
Charm Tia Dalma, Mad Hatter, Megara, Angel
Freeze Elsa, Frozone, Kristoff & Sven, Powerline
Blind Goofy, Jafar, Felix, Ian Lightfoot
Transformation (Animal) Genie, Merlin, Yzma
Shrink Ian Lightfoot


Debuff type Good sources
Armor Decrease Merida, Mad Hatter, Mr. Incredible [El], Bo Peep [Wo]
Reality Decrease Kida, Elastigirl [JJ],
Study Baymax, Hector Barbossa, Gizmoduck, Captain Hook
Scare Sulley & Boo, Randall Boggs, Jack Skellington, Madam Mim
Curse Tia Dalma, Magica De Spell, Maleficent, Dr. Facilier
DoT damage Jafar, Hades, Colette, Basil
Slow Yax, Finnick, Winnie the Pooh, King Louie
Basic Damage Decrease Captain Hook, Pleakley, Flynn Rider
Skill Power Decrease Slinky Dog
Sap Eeyore, Captain Hook, Flynn Rider, Cheshire Cat
Bullseye Woody
Hex Ursula, Madam Mim
Frog Transformation Dr. Facilier
Charged Megavolt
Hunny Pooh
Red DOT D.O.T. Goblin (creep)
Marked Evil Queen
Fatigue Calhoun, The Queen of Hearts, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, Swedish Chef
Normal Crit Decreased Sadness [Jo]
Fantastic Crit Decreased ???
Tenacity Decrease Maleficent, Lock, Shock, and Barrel, Honey Lemon, Hamm
Evasion Decreased Lock, Shock, and Barrel, Honey Lemon, Hamm
Frost Frozone
Weakness Merida, Dr. Drakken, Demona
Mosquitoes Pleakley
Monitored Kim Possible
Max HP Decrease ???
Distracted Barley
Shattered :bird:

Additionally, all disables are also classified as debuffs, but not vice versa.

Protection against Debuffs

  • Donald Duck
  • Mad Hatter [red skill] - Able to protect against '‘Marked’'
  • ‘‘Hardy’’ buff
    • Hardy distributors: Linguini & Remy, Hank & Dory [Po], Baymax [red skill], Rapunzel [red skill], Tron, Li Shang (red skill), Belle and Fairy Godmother
    • Hardy stacks also protect against knockbacks
  • Hercules’ invincible buff given to other tanks [Maui disk]
  • Goofy [Mi] - disables only, only when his shield is active
  • Joy [An] - only disables, and only on one target one disable per time
  • Fear’s ‘‘Extra Protection’’

Debuff removes

  • Rapunzel [red skill]
  • Powerline [Du]
  • Kevin Flynn - negative statuses
  • Felix [red skill]
  • Manticore
  • Jim’s ‘‘Helpful Morph’’; only one ally

Could I suggest Hiro Hamada as a good stun. His whire and blue skill are both able to stun quite well, and aren’t affected by level like Ralph.

This was a great idea, very helpful for new players trying to understand the disables/debuffs differences. But:

Agree. DEFINITELY. In general, I know these were just examples, but it seems to pick mostly the worst characters (Ralph, Frozone) instead of the best ones (like Hiro as said, but also Maleficent, Colette…).
Also, you could add “Squirrel” in disables for Merlin.

That’s the reason why I choice few of the ‘‘starters’’.


Maybe call them Hardy Distributors?

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They’re considered as stuns, actually

Genie’s and Yzma’s, yes. But not Merlin’s and Facilier’s.

Check again.

Yeah, you’re right. My bad, sorry.
It’s weird tho, they’re not exactly… stunned. Especially squirrels, they literally have basic attacks.

It’s a combo between stun and basic damage decrease. And a stun is a hero’s inability to perform anything. But the squirrels aren’t the heroes…


Kevin removes negative status effects before Rapunzel and Powerline did. Super important to list him since he does it more consistently that anyone else.

Before “Hardy” became a thing, Goofy[Mi] and Joy[An] blocked status effects too.

This is a wonderful list!


Updated, added new debuffs and ‘‘Hardy distributors’’.

Really helpful, thank you !

Btw, Yzma`s purple skill functions as blind, curse or stun according to the probability. How we deal with a kind of this case. (Im not sure, if wrong, sorry)

Depending on hero is protected against all or 2 of 3 effects.

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And once again updated.

Someone (finally) decrease tenacity, and game will have a new debuff - Fatigue.

I am a rather beginner player regarding to battle so I wonder why this list seems to pick up heroes who have better skills in the same category.

For example, in case of silence skill, Ralph has 2sec silence skill, but Scar`s one is superior (4sec). Dr.Fac. curses enemies he attacks, not all enemies like Tia.

Do you have a plan to add heroes who have (relatively) inferior skills?

Mim can reduce reality

That’s not a reality debuff.
Tank enemies just start with less reality. There are many disks like that, they don’t count as debuffs.

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That’s not a debuff. It doesn’t have an icon in combat, and can’t be removed.

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Sorry for revive, but will you update this for the newer heroes?

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