Policy Change? Please Clarify

It has happened many times in the past Perblue themselves have spoiled a character accidentally. Once this happens in all past examples it’s ok to talk about on the Public forum.

However @Loutre recently edited out a mention of

I would like clarification, @Loutre is it no longer ok to talk about Characters Perblue themselves have leaked? If so, why? Or was this just a mistake, as I mentioned this Character on the public forum several other times, that were not removed. This was the only instance that was removed.

If it is no longer ok, I will comply, and remove the information from this post, and other posts. I would just like things to be more clear.


I believe Loutre’s reasoning was that the 3 leaked characters were not yet approved and therefore they removed all mention of all three of them in formus, including editing posts and deleting topics and they asked that we not mention them or talk about them until they have been confirmed in the patch notes.

Personally I think it is a lot of drama for something that isn’t that big of a deal, but just my 2 cents.

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where is this?

I have edited this post as well to remove the character, but as I’ve said previously if it’s not ingame we cannot have it being said. Once we removed the characters from ingame we cannot have it posted here anymore. This can be an issue for getting these characters approved and as that specific character still is not approved they may never be going into the game.

I edited your post instead of removing the entire post.


This was not the only time if I am seeing any mention of that specific character I have removed it.

While I thank you @Loutre for your response, and I will remove the character from other posts I’ve made, your response doesn’t directly answer my question.

In the past, this literal exact same thing occurred. Kronk, Hamm, Honey Lemon and Basil immediately come to mind. They all appeared accidentally in collections (And Diamond Crates for at least 1 of them I think) days, even weeks before releasing. But because it was not Datamined and was instead Perblues own fault (Much like a Facebook ad featuring The Cheshire Cat going up early and an Apple ad featuring Huey, Dewey and Louie also appearing early) we, the fans all knew. So there was no point in not letting us talk about it on the public forums. It was allowed, no one got in trouble, Polaris even chuckled about it at the time saying things like “Woops” or “Guess the secrets out on that one” and wouldn’t bother anyone who talked about it publicly. It consistently happened every time, you could depend on the fact that if we wouldn’t be forced to hide in our DMs to talk about the mistakenly leaked character. Whereas if you want talk about Datamined info you gotta go to a DM, which makes sense.

This post was solely to ask a simple yes or no question.

Is this no longer Perblues policy? I don’t need any further explanation as to why. I get it, Disney legal people don’t want things being talked about before they give permission. I guess what I don’t understand is what makes this scenario different from previous ones.


If you can no longer see them ingame then you cannot discuss them here. No one is getting in trouble we just cannot have it discussed and mentions removed.

You have answered your own question with the last statement. If they are not actually approved then they may never be going in the game and we cannot have them discussed until officially in and fully approved.

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Thank you!

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