Poll: Favorite Red team bot slayer

Just trying to see if the newer hero has made any headway:

Favorite hero to build your bot-busting team around for Red week
  • Russell & Kevin!
  • Raya!
  • Someone else! (explain in comment)
  • I have no clue!

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Russell & Kevin. Quicker, more consistent, and heals Manticore when she eats that initial laser.

I’ve tried using Raya + Pleakley, but Raya is slow to apply Pierce sometimes, resulting in inconsistency.


They’re exactly the same, efficiency wise.
I use Raya cause I like her more


I prefer Raya + KP with Red Skill.

are we gonna start talking about invasion in here

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Unless someone has been getting all the tier rewards without using either of the heroes in the poll, I’m not really calling for discussion, but I don’t really want to forbid it either. Zelkiiro’s comment has already answered one question that I had.

I accidentally voted for Raya when I’m actually more of a guy whom respect Gizmoduck more

He set the foundations

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Tap on “Show Vote”, and you can change your vote to “Someone else!”.

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Best combos Russell + Manti or Russell + quackerjack, both work

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