Pooh and Herc and M-O


I would like to see Winnie the pooh or Hercules and M-O from WALL-E

Hercules clearly is going to be in the game if Hades is there but he can be a TANK hero and his move sets lets see his super could be like a super punch and his other moves cold be where he flies across the screen on pegases and another can be he blinds his enemy with his glow and his last can be where he gains more strength

Pooh can be a SUPPORT hero cause I believe these only 3 healers but he can have his honey heal people and one other can be where he summons bees to fly across the screen and Another can be where he stuns enimes with a balloon when it pops and the other can be when he gives his allies a attack boost

M-O From Wall-E to cause he was one of my favorite characters in Wall-E and I feel like he gets forgotten so I would like to see him in this game so I think he can be a CONTROL hero or a SUPPORT hero His Super could be ever he goes across the screen cleaning and it hits his enemies and his other atack can be a stun and he could heal his allies and his final attack can be a speed boost


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Tell me what you think


No comments about Hercules, everything is fine. M-O would better be a support character than control, as his cleaning abilities may heal allies or give them other bonuses. Winnie…I don’t understand why everybody wants him in a fighting game, he prefers running away when he sees some scary stuff. Yet if to think of a set, he would better be a controller like Finnick, slowing enemies down with sticky honey and stunning them with bees(They can attack the enemy after some regulars like chains of Barbossa).



@BlueFlameMoon, Is this the M-O you’re talking about? If so, I agree that he would make a good edition.


MO is a guy? Says who??


Pooh is yes, MO is yes, & Herc is SUPER YES


Pooh and anyone else from the Hundred Acre Wood


I’m glad people didn’t start fighting cause most of the time I see people complaining


M-0 is my favorite character in Wall-E I’d like to see him in game as a support or damage hero where his skills revolve around him cleaning.


Him!!! since when is MO a Him!!!


Does it matter If MO is a boy or a girl even though in the movie he is referd as a he


When did they…I thought he was a she…my life is a lie :sob:

It does so matter!!!


Dats ur opinion my dude. :smirk:

And dats Y it’s good we r all different. :blush: