Pooh For Disney Heroes Battle Mode: Part 1


I am gonna let u guys make skills for heroes, Mine would be Pooh, His White would be “Honey” eats the honey, summoning bees to sting the enemy, which the foes take damage over time. Green would be “HUGGING” he would hug a ally, healing them for 245 HP. His blue would be “Honey Stun” he pours honey on the enemies, which the honey makes them become sticky. The honey stick has a chance to fail when it’s increased. Purple would be “SKILL HONEY” anytime he does “HUGGING” he also grants the ally 125 skill power.


Cute idea I love the movies so it sounds good!


Yes thank you, I worked so hard on this. I got confused what to add, but some other stuff was in my head, because @Polaris would love this idea!


I agreed I think his friend ships could be sully and jack jack!


Yes! That would definitely be a good one


But the thing is I really don’t know half the people in the game!


I am going to do Tigger next, could you help me with the abilities?


And Pooh would be 1 star.


So please check out Tigger or Piglet next


Alright maybe can you help me with my big hero 6 ones to?


Ummm, hmmm yeah sure.


Search up Piglet Flr Disney Heores Battle Mode: Part 2


For* I meant…


Pooh’s friends should me Mickey and woody


Yeah that would be a good one.