Porter Unlikely Hero Concept


Description: Porter the viridian saddle tank engine have come to help his allies with his positive attitude, a little help of a enthusiastic crane and using his sandbox that are heated in his dome to hinder the enemies.

Quote: ‘‘Hooray, you look festive’’
Star: :star: :star:
Role: Control
Position: Frontline
Trial Team: Yellow


Entrance: Porter enter the field looking around the area happily, only to notice the enemy.

Victory: Porter smile brightly. Carly then enter the field and celebrate with Porter.

Defeat: Porter look at the enemy with a confusing expression. Carly then enter the fiend and look bewildered at the enemies.


Basic Attack: Porter bump into the enemy with his buffer dealing X Normal Damage.

White Skill: Burning Sandrop:
Porter drive across the enemy-line passing all the enemies and leaving a pile of burning sand on the enemies for 9 seconds. Dealing X Fantastic Damage per second and When Porter returns to his side of the battlefield, he gains 6 Stack of Hardy for 14 seconds.

Porter is untargetable while passing by the enemies.

Green Skill: Pouty Comedy:
Porter make a funny looking face, causing the two backline enemies to have X Amor Decrease and X Max HP Decrease for 15 seconds. As we’ll apply to the front most enemy 2 Stack of Decay for 10 seconds.

The Decay has a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

Blue Skill: Carly Grab:
Carly fly across the field and grab the enemy with her crane on a random enemy and pull them away, after 8 second, the enemy walk back into the battle and have 2 Stack of Weakness for 15 seconds. Enemies are not targetable again by this skill for 5 seconds after being pulled by Carly.

This has a chance to fail against enemies above level Y.

Purple Skill: Heated Dome:
“Burning Sandrop” deal 75% more damage against Support Role Enemies.

Porter is immune to Freeze and Frost. Any enemies who attempt to Freeze or apply a Stack of Frost on Porter, while apply 3 Stack of Weakness on them.

Red Skill: What Make Me Special:
Every 7 seconds of battle, Porter gives his Front Most ally X Skill Power increase and increases their Armor by 10%.

“Pouty Comedy” now cause all allies to gains Z Reality and Z Tenacity for 15 seconds. As we’ll gain 2 Stack of Determination for Porter and all allies for 10 seconds.

• + Z Max HP
• + Z Armor
• + Z Basic Attack


[Porter and Salty]
Description: Edward, Boco and Salty were told by Sir Topham Hatt to wait for a surprise, as the engine waited they soon her a whistle from a distance. Soon in the corner Porter came, both Edward and Boco were happy to see him back, Salty being happy and excited to see Porter, that he wanted to sing a Shanting for him. But soon saw Sir Topham Hatt coming, soon Sir Topham Hatt explain to the engines that he is been working behind the scene of a project, an soon reveal of the restoring the Brendam branch line back to service and soon task the engine for the restoration.

Disk Name: The Brendam Restoration
Disk Power:
• + X Max HP
• + X Basic Attack
• + X Skill Power to Porter and his Allies
• + X Reality to Porter and his Allies
• + “Pouty Comedy” heal X HP to himself

• “Pouty Comedy” now grants Porter Invincibility for 2/4/6/8/10 seconds.

Allies: Edward, Boco, Sir Topham Hatt


[Porter and Hank & Dory]
Description: Porter and Salty were working at the newly built Brendam docks, as they work Hank & Dory came to see the engine at work. Porter soon noticed Hank & Dory so he decided to befriend Hank & Dory, as they talk about each other, an alarm started to blaring, the dockmaster soon came to warn the engine and workmen that creep have swarm the docks and attacking the load and ship, causing a mass panic. But Salty, Carly, Porter, Cranky and workmen were ready to fend off the invader from the docks, Hank really thinks that they should go, but Dory convince Hank to stay and help out the engine.

Disk Name: Dockyard Defender
Disk Power:
• + X Max HP to Porter and his Allies
• + Enemies lose X Reality while Weakness
• + Enemies lose X Max HP while Weakness

• Damage Over Time effect on Porter and allies deal 40%/50%/80%/100%/110% less damage.

Allies: James, Salty, Eda Clawthorne

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How is that “creepy” ? ( it’s just a train there’s nothing creepy about it) Also it’s an unlikely concept so it doesn’t have to be a Disney or Pixar concept 🤦


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You cared enough to respond.
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