Powerline change

With the state of the game as it is, fights don’t tend to last more than a few seconds. It’s usually either an immediate wipe, or a mirrored stalemate for a minute until someone gets lucky. Since a majority of fights are over within a few seconds, Powerline doesn’t get a chance to participate. Can we get his entrance skill to have a shorter wait time?


Same goes with Namaari.

I don’t see a lot of point in this personally - Powerline has low stats and is often one hit KO’d even by mid-tier heros. Bringing him in earlier doesn’t mean he’ll be participating more, unfortunately. He’d need a good stat buff for the arriving early to be worth much if at all, like many of the older heros.

Because I like powerline and it would make him usable instead of this “he’s useless so let’s not try anything” mentality people have. Especially since it would trigger his team cleanse earlier.

He’s not meta, but that doesn’t mean he can’t bring something to a team if he were actually able to participate.

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