Predictions (But new and improved or... whatever)

So as much as feelings are highly negative towards 1.12.2 I hope (And think) things will get better.

But here is my predictions for the next few updates:
Patch Notes Release Date: September 20th
Update Release Date: September 24th
Jasmine (Or a Disney Villain) (October Log in)

October and it’s Updates
In October we can expect more Disney Villains!
Whether or not the log in character will be a villain is up in the air but here is who I think we will get:
Captain Hook
Slow Treads is the name of Gaston’s second disk many theories as to what it could mean have been thrown around, but 1 seems most plausible: Gaston will either decide to he wants to hunt a crocodile or Hook will hire him but in the end either route: he hunts Tick Tock but has to learn to swim from Hook. If this is true it would also explain why they would hold out so long: They had planned to release Hook in October.

Gabby Gabby?
Now I’m a less sure of this one but Simba and Nalas second disk is called Tim Toy Robot. Tin Toy (As most know) is an older Pixar short, but the main protagonist (Tinny) appears in Toy Story 4. I doubt this character would be added but it seems reasonable to assume that the character has something to do with the story and this new character who will give thus disk is from Toy Story 4. But it is probably Forky.

Oogie Boogie?
This one I am even less sure on and more represents an overall idea: This Year Instead of getting villains that we don’t have the heroes that go with them we will get villains that we already had heroes for! I just put Oogie Here because I want him and none of the other ones have anything to prove they are anymore likely than he is. Other possibilities include: Syndrome, Yokai, Auto, etc.

November Continues…
The exciting thing about November is that (Despite her dissaprearing) we might Get Kim!
(Read Here Dir Theory: This is a big a mistake! Do NOT make purposeful lost media!)
But we will definatley get Scrooge and Gonzo! Side note I think Animal’s second disk (Louder! LOUDER!!) Might be with Gonzo! We should also expect Kermit at some point.


Well, Simba & Nala’s second disc turns out to be Huey Dewey and Louie according in the website in the HD&L Page:

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I’m doubtful that the S&N-HD&L Friendship will exist because if they were, then they would have been added… but then again, they might release them at a later Update, when the cap’s been increased, which might be the reason why there’s (inf) instead of a number.

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Huh. Wonder what inf means… inffered?

Maybe it’s (infinite/infinity)…