Premium stamina or 10% bonus

There is something I would like to have clarification, so help me if you could please:

When I purchase stamina, I have 24hrs bonus time. During that time, If I use stamina packages, I will get 10% bonus. That’s great

But what I want to ask is, if I use the stamina packages but don’t spend stamina, what would happen to the bonus stamina? They would be still there in my total stamina or gone?

Has anyone try that?

@Polaris, could u please help me with this question. Thank you

If you use the stamina item, the bonus 10% is added to your banked stamina. Stamina from the bank isn’t removed if the timer expires.

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I’m curious how you calculate this. So I buy a Stamina package, I use Stamina but not ALL of my stamina, the 10% is only counted, it appears, if you use ALL of your stamina, premium or not, in a given period.

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