Prince Phillip Hero Concept

Prince Phillip
:star::star: Front-Line Tank
Team: Yellow

“ You’re living in the past, this is the 14th century.”

Armed with the Shield of Virtue and Sword of Truth, Phillip uses his magical weapons to defeat his foes.


Entrance Animation: Rides in on Samson and gets off, Samson disappears ( until green skill )

Victory Animation: Clasps his hands together and shakes them in a victorious way.

Defeat Animation: Phillip kneels and drops his sword and shield.


Basic Attack: Slashes enemies with The Sword of Truth.

White Skill: Shield Of Virtue
Normal Damage✊
Phillip bashes the front-most enemy with his shield, dealing X damage and becoming invincible for 7 seconds.

Green Skill: Mighty Steed
Normal Damage✊
At the start of each wave, Samson rides across the battlefield, dealing X damage and knocking them back.

Blue Skill: Sword of Truth
True Damage :shield:
Phillip throws his sword at the back-most enemy, dealing X damage to the enemy and Y damage to each enemy it passes through.

Purple Skill: Chivalrous Prince
Prince Phillip can block a disable every 6 seconds. Once Phillip is below 50% health, his attacks deal 50% more damage.

Red Skill: Gallant Hero
Prince Phillip deals 25% more damage to heroes with less than 50% HP. Sword of Truth now shreds armor. Armor shred may fail if the enemy is above level X.

+X Max Armor
+Y Reality
+Z damage from Sword of Truth


Prince Phillip and Hercules
Campaign: Hero’s Duty
Disk: Noble Heroes- Invincibility last 1 second longer per star.
+X Reality
Description: Prince Phillip and Hercules go around helping the citizens fight of creeps.
Allies: Mulan, Buzz Lightyear, Baymax

Prince Phillip and Merida
Campaign: The Wind on your Face
Disk: Double Down- Mighty steed now stuns a random enemy for 2 seconds per star.
+X Armor
Description: Prince Phillip and Merida hold a horse race.
Allies: Maximus, Mulan, Flynn Rider

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Feedback is Appreciated

probably should have an Aurora/Phillip campaign instead of with Merida.

Where does Aurora come from then? And again please don’t revive dead topics!

What is that supposed to mean? I’m expressing an opinion on hero concepts are you okay or something.

I’m fine, thank you. How are you? The Topic is already dead. It was made 2 months ago

And I saw it now.

That doesn’t make it newer

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