Prince Tamatoa Tips: How to win war?

Defense planning (for new and current Tactician rank players and above)

First: look at the layout of everyone’s positions in defense and their lineups. Based on the majority of the heroes’ skills variable (skill power, basic damage or level increase), arrange them to the respective car. If they are inactive and have a weak defense, place them at cars which do not give buffs to the defending heroes. (Boomer: Reduce attacker HP).

If their team level does not match the highest level hero in defense (ie. Their team level is 127 but the highest level hero is 98), tell them to update their war defense ASAP. And if any change is observed, no further action is needed for the time being. Continue monitoring the situation to ensure everyone is staying ahead of the competition.

War attacks:

Everyone has max. 2 attacks. If you only have 1, it is more important to aim for a clean sweep. (All 3 lineups defeated in one attack).


Look at all your enemies in the same car. If there is more than 1 strong player but your guild has lesser strong players then your attacking guild, play it safe. Try a car that has the least strongest players or is within your guild’s means. When sabotaging, target the highest magnitude variable. For example, compare a sabotage where one hero whose HP can be reduced by 15000 or a hero who can be sabotaged of losing 100000 HP. Those that lose more will be slightly easier to defeat. To play it safe again (to make sure you don’t lose too many tokens from sabotaging in the event that your guild wins), only target max. 2 heroes per lineup. It costs more to sabotage the more times you sabotage a player’s heroes.

Disclaimer: These tips are for players who are unaware or are new Tacticians or above rank. These tips may not work but it’s a general way of how to do it. Experiment it yourselves!


Thanks! Would it be ok if I shared this with all my guild’s opponents?


Sure. Feel free to try these out yourself. It may vary for every guild so experimenting is the best solution. I suggest that you can take the whole season and look at the overall performance, provided your power or heroes doesn’t change much, the results should show if it is effective. (Provided your enemy is equal or stronger than you)

…notice how Pipsqueak said “opponents”? You never share your strategies with your opponents, unless you share a bad one with them, so… hmm…


This could be a bad one. After all, I said it varies for every guild. And it could not work for some guilds.

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