Princess peach concept

Princess peach is a support role hero

Team trial color red

thats princess peach

Entrance princess peach will glide to the screen with the perry the parasol here is how its looks like in the picture below

הורדה (2)

Defeat princess peach will will start crying

Victory princess peach will dance in the battle filed

Qoute help me!

White skill parasol protection peach will use perry the parasol blocking all incoming objects and redircting them back at who threw it

Green skill Heart powers princess peach will use her heart powers to herself and allies for x seconds

Blue skill a driver princess peach will drive with raceing car bumping at enemies and stunnig them for x seconds

Purple skill peach s blue skill will now also knockback nearby enemies

Red skill parasol protection will now stun enemies for x seconds and peach will get the following boosts

X+skill power

X+ hp


Friendships vanlope and rapunzel

Peach s rapunzel disc will grant peach improved healing to peach s green skill it will also give peach and her allies reality each time its used rapunzel disc will also increase the time of the healing from the green skill

Peach s vanlope disc will increase damage from her skills and her allies skills if the rival team is debuffed or disabled it will also increase the time of stuns and knockback from peach s blue skill

As always feedback is always welcome to my concepts feel free to also try giving me requests to future concepts



How long will the protection last?

What does “heart powers” do?

… ok?
And does that deal damage?

Both have same skill name or something?


And is it possible to separate the skill name and its description instead of being one sentence?

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