Prize wall not resetting

Hey, after I get really far into the prize wall event I stop getting the daily reset making it so that I can’t get anymore of the featured hero chips. I’ve had this issue since Lilo but I’m really fed up. How do I fix this???

This isn’t an issue. Everyone gets 12 resets. You already got your 12 resets.


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This information has been available for a long time


the constant confusion could be avoided if PB could add some kind of counter to inform players of how many resets they have left…and it would b a good addition so that players doesn’t have to play the guessing game…


I think so, too. For example, you might be able to avoid confusion if you can count the number of remaining quests.

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something like:

daily resets remaining: 12/12 → at the start of the event
daily resets remaining: 0/12 → after 12 resets are used

hopefully it’s not too much to ask, but it will stop players wondering why their prize wall “do not” working. considering the questions has been asked multiple times in the forum, i can imagine that support are answering the same questions recently


There was meant to be some sort of timer or counter of resets with 3.4, but just nothing happened. @Loutre?

It’s currently planned for 3.5

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