Prize Wall Updates in 3.3.10!

Yeah it ain’t appearing in my store
Hi cannon

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What platform do you play on?


Android cannon

I’ve uninstalled the game

This is not the place for this issue, but if you are not seeing the update in the Google Play Store please clear cache for the Google Play Store app.

It’s working thnx

agreed, it’s just sad that this is the kind of thing that happens frequently to player feedback -

hey PB, we think these amounts are a bit low!

Here’s an increase! Just buy some deals to actually get it


Aww bolt is so cute

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Bolt looks really good and cute! :slight_smile: But isn’t he supposed to be in chat sparring? I was looking forward to testing him out before the Prize Wall starts tomorrow

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Regarding both Bolt and Helga:


Ohh ok, didn’t see that, thanks!

It’s loading to 55 percent then stopping… :frowning:

Closing this thread.

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