Prize Wall Updates in 3.3.10!

Hello! Here is a list of the changes coming to the Prize Wall!

Prize Wall will begin on 9/9 at 9 AM CT and it will be around for 14 days and there will be 12 refreshes for daily quests! The timer to indicate when daily quests “stop” will be added in the 3.4 update.

Grand Prize Hero: Bolt - identical quantities of Chips and Red Skill Chips (starting at stage 20 and beyond) as the Lilo prize wall

Change log:

  • Non-grand prizes now upgrade every 10 stages achieved (does not include badge crates)
  • Diamond/Team/Role Crate rewards increase by 1 up to stage 100, at which point they turn into 10x crate items.
  • Red Skill Crates will increase in value, up to 11 at stage 100
  • Gold rewards will improve in value, up to stage 100
  • Disc Power will improve in value, up to stage 100
  • Stamina Packs will improve in value, up to 11 at stage 100
  • Red Hero XP Drinks will improve in value, up to 11 at stage 100
  • Cosmetic crates will improve in value, up to 4 at stage 100 - these crates will upgrade at stages 30, 60 and 100

A new daily quest has been added: Claim any prize from the Prize Wall

Prize Token Special Deals now include VIP Rings


So does that mean that prize wall will no longer give badge crates?


They could have started with either 5 or one 10x instead, increasing by 1 every 10 stages :wink: Just saying.

Same for this one. 1 Stamina Pack even if gotten 6x is pretty much nothing. How about some time in the future just compare it to the daily gain (Free Stamina, Get More Stamina)?

I´d rather like improvements at 20 and 50 instead of 30 and 60, but OK :slight_smile:

Am I getting it correctly that there will now be 35 tokens a day for free?

There will be, they just won´t increase as the others. Always 1x.

It will still give badge crates, but they are not going to be upgraded every 10 stages.


Understandably :slight_smile:

Excellent improvements

Looks like I’ll have him unlocked tomorrow I also need more costume chips


Guys prize walls have vip ringgggs

I only liked the cosmetics… Lol

Nope :roll_eyes:, it’s only Prize Wall Special Deals if you want to purchase

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I hate the lengthy downtime :sob:

I cant wait to do the prize wall

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When it will be done?

I wonder how many people actually reached even stage 30 last time… certainly very few people who didn’t purchase bonus chances. Seems quite pointless :man_shrugging:

It looks like the only rewards that will actually increase in tangible value are the ones that are too low anyway to be meaningful. The ones that are actually useful, for the majority of players, will be unchanged.


That’s the point, they want more people to pay to get to those stages


C’mon when Is it gonna be done? Someone make a prediction

The game has been back up for 10 minutes. The prize wall starts tomorrow!


Hey it says update available and there’s now update in store

Please help

Help with what?
The update thing?

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