Problem with stamina

For chapter 79 the 9300 required stamina was ridiculous enough and now to have 2k more stamina added to that just makes me hate it how that’s designed even more, just doubling the old amount from 12 to 24 would’ve been better but no they had to go with 11k just for 1 run instead.
When I saw it I could only do 120 runs of that chapter and I was angry upon seeing, found it sickening to see and I only did 1 level before I had to quit


This is pure insanity what they are doing with stamina costs. There’s no other way to put it. I haven’t spent a penny on this game since E6. And won’t start until they bring it down to something remotely rational. But the whales probably can’t help themselves to keep spending so the Devs pumping out the crap. Wish people would stop spending so they realize what stupid moves they have made. I guess they’ll only have the whales playing the game in he coming months. That’ll be a small group. HAVE FUN!!


I said earlier in vip chat how the contest to do things to get daisy’s outfits, pb in no time will make money off outfits for daisy. They already did so with luz.


I wont partigipate in gontest anyway. Lastb8 months its only spendingbstam… andvyou get so low rewards…
And the outfits… it wint hive you any extra power… and with raids and quickfights you wont see the diffrents…

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