Problems witn the chapter 24

Can you help me with that chapter this are my heros:
Gerald Marlin and Nemo O0
Swedish chef O6
Mulan O6
Cheshire cat O6
Stitch O7
Ineed to change a hero or upgrade someone if you help me thanks​:star_struck::star_struck::smiley:

Ah, yes. The Agrabah chapter. I assume you are in S22? You have to level up your team, I also tried beating the chapter with Oranges
You need reds, believe me. I learned the hard way

Thanks I will wait to have reds

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If you could tell us what stage specifically you are on and post a screenshot of the enemies you have problems with :-).
Like if 22-6 or 22-6.2 would be good if you specify also.

Up to you if you want to post a screenshot of your 15 main characters, like sorted by power we could give you more help as well :-).

Ok I wiI will send it

Here are the screenshots

You could post this in a single reply.

Change disks…

Mr. Big to Baloo disk
Basil to Mushu disk


Mr. Big
[Healer here]

Ok thanks for your help

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