Professor Norton Nimnul Hero Concept

Professor Norton Nimnul
Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers

Stats and Information

Role - Control

Trial Team - Yellow

Position - Back

Stars At Beginning - 1

Quotes - “Haven’t I told you never to play with my superweapons? You could devastate yourself.”

Bio - This mad scientist will use his array of inventions to take down the enemy team, and maybe the Rescue Rangers.


Entrance - Nimnul walks into battle and pulls out a ray.

Victory - Nimnul jumps up and down and claps.

Defeat - Nimnul stomps his foot on the ground.

Basic Attack - Nimnul blasts enemies with a ray.


White Skill - Big Bugs (Fantastic Damage)
Passive: Everything Nimnul summons counts as an ally.

Active: Nimnul zaps 2 pill bugs with his enlarging ray. The pill bugs have x max hp and deal x damage with their own basic attack. The pill bugs stun enemies they hit for 2 seconds each time they attack.
The stun has a chance to fail on enemies above level x

Green Skill - Robo Dogs (Normal Damage)
Every 9 seconds Nimnul summons 2 cat catching robot dogs. The dogs have x max hp and deal x damage with their own basic attacks. The dogs stun enemies they hit for 1 second each time they attack.
The stun has a chance to fail on enemies above level x.

Blue Skill - Enlarged Enemies
Nimnul zaps the backmost enemy with an enlarging ray enlarging them for 8 seconds. Enlarged enemies act like they are stunned. Enlarged enemies loose x basic damage and x skill power every second they are Enlarged.

Purple Skill - Evil Genius (Fantastic Damage)
Enemies Enlarged by “Enlarged Enemies” are delt x damage every second they are Enlarged.

Red Skill - Crazed Inventor
Nimnul gains x energy every 10 seconds for each ally he has in battle.
Nimnul and his allies deal x more damage to stunned enemies.
Robot dogs and Pill bugs now have 45% more max hp. Nimnul also gains x max hp when summons a new Dog or Bug.

  • x Basic damage
  • x Max hp
  • x evasion


Professor Nimnul and Dr. Drakken
Name - World Domination

Description - Allies steal energy when they deal normal damage


  • Allies steal x damage when they do an attack that does normal damage. If the attack hits multiple enemies, then they steal energy from each enemy.


  • +x Max hp
  • x Crit chance
  • +x basic damage

Professor Nimnul and The Mad Hatter
Name - We’re All Mad

Description - Pill Bugs and Dogs go berserk


  • When a Pill Bug or Dog is defeated the rest of the summoned Allies go berserk for x seconds.


  • +x basic damage for summoned allies
  • +x Max hp for summoned allies
  • 25% attack speed for each ally in battle

Let me know which Chip N Dale Rescue Rangers characters, if any, you’d like to see me do concepts for next.


What does Nimnul do for the victory? It just says Nimnul. lol

Thanks for noticing this. I’ve updated it.

:+1: I’ve only seen the new Chip and Dale movie. I haven’t seen the original show, lol. I probably should.

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