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I have a red mail message icon on my character icon. When I click on my character icon the promo codes has a pink exclamation point which normally means you need to do something. Haven’t received any email with promo codes and, yes, I have checked my spam folder.

Yeah I actually have the same thing

Got my e-mail already verified and such, but the icon popped up again.

So @Nugget could you take a look when you are back tomorrow?

It’s been an ongoing issue every since they added the “Promo” stuff. I’ve a mail icon on my avatar that refuses to clear and a pink “!” on the “Promo” button that persists.

It’s more of a hustle to get people to give up their information than anything else. I’ve received 3 emails from them since I verified my email. 2 of them were “Helpful Tips” that I sent to the trash and 1 was a notice of something I can’t recall that gave me a code to redeem in-game which rewarded me a sigh Diamond Chest :yawning_face:

Yes, I had to pull the initial one from my spam folder and mark as not spam. Maybe if they used an email that looks legit, and headers that didn’t scream spam, it wouldn’t get flagged as spam.

Something is really messed up with that function.

I had to verify my email twice (the second time after a bugfix was added) to get rid of the notification and then the notification came back! :rage:

I contacted support to ask them to fix it, nothing has happened yet.

I’m still having the same issues. I signed up my email was verified. I received 3 messages with zero promo codes but a button to go back and play the game. Now I have the message icon on my Avatar and an exclamation point on promo codes with no codes to enter. Very frustrating as no one is responding about what the issue is. Convinced everyone to sign up and all we get is no response.

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I also have the same issue

I didnt even get the verify email…. So cant verify my account to begin with

Same thing here. My email was verified in the promo section, but I have received no codes and have checked all my folders

total I received 6 DHBM messages, only Mail “The July Newsletter is here” has the code (Expired)

The latest mail I received is like “The July Newsletter is here” but no code

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