Promote vs Badges and Enhaces


It’s always better to promote héroes?

For examole, Yax has “conservation” Badges in P1 but in P2 has nothing like this, it’s worth it to promote?

There are any page/app/tool that cslculate the enhanced of the badged?


Gotchu fam

But no, in my opinion - think twice before promoting. Unless you know you’ll be promoting one more time soon - for example, I upgraded Barbossa to O1 yesterday, and today he’s getting to O2, so I don’t even look at the stats. Jumping two ranks is too much of a boost to worry about them, but it’s a fact that your hero might end up switching focus. Like, you might have a tank with gigantic boost to armor thanks to enhancing, but at the end of the day he ends up with less armor, although gets much more reality and hp.

Also, Purple ranks mark the point when Yax stops being useful, it might be worth to start building a different support soon


Thaks for the quick reply, Yax was the first example that I thought

And what about the enhanced? For example, olaff in p0 has many badges of hp, in purple 1 and 2 has many badges of basic attack (really??), is worth it to spend resources in p0?


If I’m using a hero actively - yeah, I enhance some badges but not to full, and only those that actually have impact on your stats, I don’t care about +250 basic damage and +250 health, I doubt anyone does. I do that only on maxed heroes, that I know I won’t touch for a long time so I can pump everything into them without worrying.

And Olaf hits like a truck with that arm of his compared to other tanks


Lol. Thanks for the help, it was really useful, that page took me to nirvana…


Something you might find useful on that site that wasn’t clear to me - some section names, like Skills or Friendships in hero pages are clickable, and toggle between formulas and calculated values.