Pros and cons

What are the pros and cons of true damage and shields and how do they coincide? I know true damage can’t crit, and from the descriptions, shields are health based. Does true damage ignore shields completely or does it treat the shields as extra health? Any ways to potentially boost true damage other than extra attack speed or slowing the opponent?

Shields are always treated as extra health. True damage’s benefit is that it cannot be reduced by armor or reality.


True damage cannot crit and ignores armor and reality and anything based on armor or reality.
I haven’t personally tested this, but the only way to increase the amount of damage a True Damage would be to activate Tooned Up. Even then it will only make a difference on Stitch. (The damage increase will not let Maui activate his skill sooner (example, he will do 10000 damage with his white, but it will only activate when that enemy has less than 5000 health.)
Can anyone confirm that Tooned Up increases the damage of Stitch’s Blue Skill?

True damage can be boosted by skill power buffs, such as from shank or meg. I see no reason why true damage wouldn’t be boosted by tooned up, as the boosting has nothing to do with armor, reality or crit. Also I do think I have heard that maui can bite sooner when tooned up but I cannot confirm this.

Edit: Just tested maui being tooned up. It does NOT increase his bite range.