Protector Of The Sea! 🔱 (King Triton Concept!)

King Triton :trident:


Stars: :star::star::star:

Role: Tank :shield:

Position: Front-line

”I consider myself a reasonable merman. I set certain rules, and I expect those rules to be obeyed.”

Entrance: King Triton point his Triton upward and slowly moves it to the ground causing a thin wave of glowing gold water which Triton will be able to move through with his fin.

Victory: King Triton raises his Triton upward as it glows brightly during this time King Triton will smile greatly.

Defeat: King Tritons Triton will stop glowing and lose all its power, King Triton will then tap his Triton heavily on the ground and give a face of anger to the enemies.

Basic Attack: King Trident uses his trident and zaps the nearest enemy dealing damage


White: Protector Of All The Sea Fantastic Damage✨

King Triton raises his Trident as it glows brightly, King Trident will then let out a laser of energy from his trident dealing x damage to all enemies, knocking them back and sapping them for 5 seconds.
Like This:*

After King Triton has done his active his trident becomes Powered while king Tritons trident is Powered all basic attacks now do True Damage and have 50% chance to Life Steal
King Tritons trident stays Powered for 7 seconds.

Green: A Kings Duty
All basic attacks done by King Triton while his trident is Powered now drain 150 energy.
Effect is reduced against enemies higher than level X

Blue: Power Of The Ocean
King Triton charges his trident and lays the tip of the trident on the floor causing magical golden waves of water to appear these waves will slowly go through the battlefield all allies in the wave will heal X HP over 7 seconds and be cleansed of all disables, Enemies in the wave have there Max HP decreased by X and if a enemy has a disable increase the disable timer by 5 seconds.
The Wave lasts only 7 seconds
Effects are reduced against enemies higher than level X

Purple: Cruel For Good Reason
Once King Triton is below 30% of his Max HP he will choose a random ally and take 50% of there Armor and Reality for 5 seconds, during this time the Ally with the stats taken is dealt 65% less damage.
Effect May fail against allies level X or Lower

Red: Tridents Power
King Tritons trident while Powered now reduces all enemies numerical stats by X for 5 seconds
King Trident will heal for all damage done to an enemy with there stats Reduced.
Numerical stats include: Armor, Reality, Tenacity, Skill Power, Basic Damage and Fantastic and or Normal crits, Not Including Max HP
Effect is reduced against enemies higher than level X


E.S=Each Star

King Triton/Moana
Gifts Of The Ocean Increased Powered Benefits, Charged Allies

King Triton now gains 1 second of invincibility (+1 E.S) after activating Powered
Powered now provides 75% increased life steal chance
Allies within a 1 meter radius gain all benefits King Triton gains while Powered

King Triton/Stitch
Crazy Surfing! increased healing benefits, increased stats for allies

100% improved healing for allies and King Triton while waves are on screen
Instead of King Trident stealing stats from one Ally when below 30% of his Max HP all allies and King Triton will instead gain X armor and reality for 7 seconds
King Triton will as well be dealt 70% less damage from all sources for the duration of Cruel For Good Reason

And that was my concept on King Triton hope you all enjoyed it! :grin:
And also feedback is greatly appreciated! :grin:
Thanks for reading and hope you all have a wonderful day :relieved::coffee::grin:


I love it. However, there just one problem

This is already a mechanic coming to the game. It is exclusive to Megavolt. I’d rename the “charged” part

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Oh yes I forgot! I’ll change it right now :grin:
Edit: Charged has been changed to Powered


One major thing, plz go through the concept again and look at the words Trident, and Triton. You mixed them up a couple times. Other than that…pretty good. :grin:


The problem is that on Disney wiki, it’s confirmed that King Triton along with Ariel is coming to the game. I’m not sure it’s true or not.

…how is that a problem with the concept?


It is true but… that’s not a problem because they’re coming out at the end of November

Nothing. It’s jus that . Never mind

Really well made & pretty original my friend.

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Great concept he could be added to game later possibly with his daughter.

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I wonder if the hero concepts get used at all:thinking:

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