PSA Regarding Olaf and Felix Campaign

I don’t know how many people actually do this campaign but I’ve seen a few saying it’s impossible. Take it from experience, the normal resist enemies are not impossible to defeat in the first chapter. If Felix has his Frozone disk equipped, unequip it for the campaign. In order to deal fantastic damage, Olaf needs to use On a Roll, an evasive move. If an enemy is frozen, there is nothing to evade, therefore no fantastic damage being dealt. I would recommend not using the Frozone disk for most of the campaign since On a Roll is one of the better fantastic damage moves given your full team.

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I think you are confusing it with the Joy/Olaf campaign, which is a pain in the *** to complete


Oof, haven’t gotten to unlocking that friendship yet (I’m level 96 atm) but knowing both of their movesets that does sound like pain.

Yeah, considering they put Mr. Incredible in the first chapter, and one of their allies is Mickey Mouse. It’s probably the hardest campaign for the level it is unlocked at.


Undead Mr.Inc and undead Olaf

Level up and upgrade your heroes, nothing come for free…

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