Puffball Hero Concept

Puffball, Support, Backline.
Quote: Yeah, who? I wanna know!
:star: :star: :star:, Team Trials: Blue.
Entrance: Puffball floats into the battlefield.
Victory: Puffball flies around in circles
Defeat: Puffball goes crazy.
Basic Attack: Puffball will charge at an enemy, dealing X damage.

White Skill: Puking Rainbows
Puffball will puke rainbows on an enemy, dealing X damage.

Green Skill: Puff Pop Star
Puffball will sing a song, taunting the enemy for 3 seconds.

Blue Skill: Puffy Power
Puffball will heal herself or allies, healing a random amount.

Purple Skill: Charge!!
Puffball’s basic attack can do x2 more damage.

Red Skill: Precious Puff.
Puffball’s “Puffy Power,” move will be able to heal x3 more.

Friendship 1: Puffball and Joy.
Everlasting Happiness.
Puff Pop Star is able to go on for x2 longer, giving allies a chance to attack enemies.

Friendship 2: Puffball and Nick
Tasteful Treats
Puffball’s White Skill will do x2 more damage.

Have a good day and stay safe!! :grin:


What the heck is this even from?

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Battle for Dream Island


From the title, I thought it was going to be Kirby.

Also Battle For BFDI And IDFB

IDFB only had 1 episode. it’s still a season of BFDI, but i wouldn’t count it as a season. More of a “special episode”

Season 3 Only Had 1 Episode. :frowning:
Sorry For Revive

yeah, it’s fine =D

Sorry for revive

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