Pull the lever


2 star, frontline tank

“Oh, yeah, it’s all coming together”


Entrance:he walks in while bucky scampers up to his shoulder

Victory:he and bucky smile at each other

Defeat:he gets a confused look on his face as he scratches his head

Basic attack:kronk swings a tray at the enemies, dealing x damage


White:dinner time

Kronk pulls out a tray of spinach puffs and smells them which heals him for x amount and increases his attack speed by 200% for 10 seconds.

Green:squirrel talk

Bucky chatters at the most wanted enemy which silences that enemy for 7 seconds.


Bucky blows up a animal balloon and then pops it which silences all enemies for 5 seconds and slows the enemies attack speed for 6 seconds.


Kronk now takes 30% less damage from enemies that have been silenced.

Red:soft-hearted henchman

“Dinner time” now clears all debuffs from kronk.

“Pop!!” Now damages enemies overtime for 5 seconds


Broken lever
healing for all allies

“Dinner time” now heals all allies for x amount.

Spicy spinach
decreased armor to silenced enemies

“Squirrel talk” and “pop!!!” Now decreases enemies armor when they are already silenced

Isn’t Bucky a squirrel?

Yes he is yes he is

Why did you say it for the second time?

The sentence was too short for the first time

Okay. I see now

I thought the quote was going to be “Riiiiiiigggggggghhhhhhhhhtttttttt.”

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