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Cruella de Vil

“I live for furs. I worships furs.”

Cruella is a mid-line damage hero

Trial Team: Yellow

Stars: :star::star:


Entrance: Drives into the battlefield with her car (until she is P0+)

Victory: Cruella snuggles her face into her coat

Like this:

K.O.: Cruella puts her hands to her hips and pouts

Basic Attack: Cruella smokes a small puff of green smoke at an enemy, dealing Y damage


White Skill: Stinky Smoke Breath
:fist: Normal Damage
Passive: Instead of having a basic attack, Cruella “hypnotizes” enemies for 2 seconds. When “hypnotized”, enemies take 50% more damage

Active: Cruella creates a puff of smoke which passes all enemies, dealing Y damage per second for 5 seconds. Damage will increase by Y for however many times they were hypnotized

The puff of smoke will be the color green (like a very light green)

Green Skill: Nasty Slap
:fist: Normal Damage
Cruella slaps an enemy, dealing Y damage

Blue Skill: Glory Dame
Cruella checks her purse and puts on red lipstick with her small, round, and black pocket mirror in her other hand, increasing all allies’ movement speed and attack speed by 45% and basic damage by X

Purple Skill: Crazy Driver
:fist: Normal Damage
At the beginning of a wave, Cruella drives her car, crashing all enemies, dealing Y damage, stunning them for 6 seconds

Stun may fail against enemies above level Z

Red Skill: Coat of Fur
Cruella reduces any damage done to her by 7%

This effect is reduced when enemies attacking her are above level Z

Additional Stat Boosts:
+Z Max HP
+Z Skill Power
+X damage with “Crazy Driver”

X = Skill Power; Y = Basic Damage; Z = Level Cap


Cruella - Yzma
Cruel Irony
“Glory Dame” Grants Energy
Allies: Ursula, Dash, Finnick

  • +X Max HP
  • +X Basic Damage
  • “Glory Dame” grants Cruella 50 energy

Cruella - Scar
New Obsession
Basic Attack Grants Invisibility
Allies: Gaston, Alice, the Queen of Hearts

  • “Nasty Slap” deals X more damage
  • Cruella now becomes invisible for 5 seconds every 3rd basic attack

Hope you liked it!


Can ya keep all your cool characters in one topic?

@The_Death_Note, how about you do a concept for Swampy from Where’s my water? Please?

I did. It’s the link at the bottom of the topic

Sorry no. He’s only got a game and that’s it. FYI I don’t think he’s got any fighting abilities…

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  1. He actually had 8 games, six of which were spin-offs.

  2. You do realize a good chunk of the current roster doesn’t have fighting abilities in their respective media, right?

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