Purchasing problem

Hello. I am ‘사기꾼자주’ playing games on 15 servers. On September 16, I purchased a 13,000 won deal and made a payment. However, as soon as the payment was completed, the server was checked and I did not receive the purchase reward. After checking the server, I tried to connect, but I did not receive any reward. I would appreciate it if you take action as soon as possible. Thank you

Hi can I ask if you are on IOS ? And what update you have currently installed

Have same problem. iOS 14

I think iTunes is not working.

@Dalmatian_30492 Please use the support button in the game to create a ticket for our support team. Please include the confirmation number for the purchase (you can find it on the email confirmation from the store), and they can investigate for you.

Is there some issue with iTunes ? I am not able to making purchase. @Polaris

We’re not seeing any problems with purchasing. What type of error are you seeing?

It went smooth after 2-3 tries

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