Qualifications for being a Disney Villains

You know how they are qualifications for being a Disney Princess. Why can’t there be qualifications for being a Disney Villain? So i leave to you, the people, to help me set a few rules for being a true villain that can be the best repersentation of pure evil.

(Note: this is not for the game, this just for mere conversation)

Literally the only requirement to be a Disney villain is to be the antagonist of a Disney movie.


Similarly to how the only requirement to being a Disney prince is to be the love interest of a Disney Princess…which…actually…

Like peeps who say that Disney is finally giving more power to the women, well they have had all the power for decades! O.o


What i mean is to be a part of the list of villains that are primary to the franchise such as:

The Evil Queen
Cruella De Vil
Captain Hook
Queen of Hearts
Dr. Faciler

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Contrary to popular belief, Captain Hook ain’t much of a villain at all. I mean He only wants treasure of which nobody has claimed & to kill Peter for cutting off His hand during their first & only friendly-ish duel.

He was ranked 24th in Empire magazine’s 50 best animated movie characters along with Maleficent (who was ranked 7th) and Cruella (who was ranked 16th)

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I’ve known that for quite some time now.

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