Quasimodo ‎


Stars at the beginning: :star:
Role: Support
Position: Mid
Team: Yellow

Entrance: Quasimodo jumps from above into his position.
Victory: Quasimodo emerges a small bird from his hands which then flies away, Quasimodo then smiles.
Defeat: Quasimodo becomes depressed and falls to the ground.

Quote: “If I picked a day to fly, this would be it!”

Basic attack: Quasimodo throws one of his woodcraft at the closest enemy.

White Skill: Ring The Bells :sparkles:
Quasimodo rings the bells, the sound of it deals X damage to enemies and silences them for 12 seconds.
Quasimodo and allies are healed by X HP.

Green Skill: Rock Rain :fist:
Victor, Hugo, and Laverne shot all enemies from above with small pieces of rocks, dealing X damage and stunning them for 6 seconds.

Blue Skill: No Hurt :fist:
Once per wave, Quasimodo rescues the first ally to be KO’d by a melee attack and instead fully healing them, cleansing from all debuffs, and applying Invincibility to them for 10 seconds.

Quasimodo then charges towards the attacker, dealing X damage to them, removing all their buffs, and knocking them back.

Purple Skill: Sanctuary!
Quasimodo and allies are immune to Crits for the first 5 seconds of each wave, and for another 6 seconds whenever an ally is KO’d.

Whenever an ally is KO’d, all other allies including Quasimodo become Invincible for 2 seconds, this also triggers when Quasimodo is KO’d.

Red Skill: Kind Heart
Quasimodo cleanses from himself and all of his allies one type of their active debuffs and heals them for X HP once every 5 seconds.

Quasimodo and allies heal X HP per second per silenced enemy.

Additional stat boosts:
+X Armor
+X Damage to ‘‘No Hurt’’


Esmeralda - Feel of Freedom!

Blinding Silenced Enemies

  • +X SP
  • Blinded Enemies lose X Armor
  • Silenced Enemies lose X Reality
  • Whenever a silence is applied to an enemy they are also blinded for 2 seconds; this blind can’t be dodged or evaded as long as the silence is applied (+2s per star)

Rapunzel - Out of Shadows

’‘Ring The Bells’’ applies Hardy to allies

  • +X BD to Quasimodo and allies
  • Quasimodo and allies heal X HP whenever they get a Hardy stack
  • ‘‘Ring The Bells’’ applies 1 Hardy stacks to Quasimodo and allies (+1 Hardy stack per star)
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