Question about heist

When will the heists be available in s11?
Thought I’d ask as a lot is waiting for it and if you guys know do you have a rough date when it will be released

Thank you

Still no news about a release date on servers 2-8 so servers 9-12 will probably wait at least 1 month

There is still a few bugs (I’m on server 1 beta) so until glitches/bugs are fixed I’m presuming it wont go live once they are fixed. I’ve had to send a few tickets in myself regarding heist :frowning: hold tight it’s coming :slight_smile:

Hope so. Me and my guildmates are practically excited for it.

It’s pretty fun :slight_smile: takes a while but the rewards are worth it as long as you work together as a team :slight_smile:

Heist is fun, and i have notice that most of the major glitches have been fixed, so hopefully it comes out to other servers soon.

Anyone having this issue on heists? Unable to initiate fights during heist events when ambushed or catching the thief. This makes my chracters unable to be used during the event.

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