Question about Hocus Pocus trial event

Will there be another franchise included with the trial event like there was with the wreck it ralph one? just asking, I have been promoting the sisters for the trial event already and they already make my top 10 lol.

Just wondering @Nugget

I think you should do trail event of Hocus Pocus

i am

see I am promoting the sisters

Next month of October this trail event will appeared

it appears on Sept. 30th actually

This Friday are you serious I like that

“Trial.” It’s “trial.”

Not “trail.”


Challenge, not path.


thanks lol I feel like they say trail on purpose cause they always say trail instead of trial

I don’t think it’s on purpose - their name is “Anget” Joy…

it’s presumably the cars person on a new account :man_shrugging:

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The other 2 Hero spots are open to any Hero. Highest stage must be 3 sisters.


The team should totally make Zeus, Shego, Jessie, and Bolt off-duty, just to watch the unimaginative masses panic at the thought of actually having to employ thought.

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