Question about Jack-Jack purple skill


I suspect so, but can’t prove it for sure.
Sometime after Barbossa was released, PerBlue noted in a hero balance round that Hot Shot did count as “being on fire” and that Jack-Jack would deal a damage bonus to those enemies.

But now we have more fire characters, most notably Hades and Jack Skellington (read white passive skill) Can anyone confirm that Jack-Jack can benefit off of these heroe’s fire as well?
By all accounts it should, but maybe it slipped Perblue’s mind. I’ve been testing it out on early Campaigns, but I can’t tell a difference.



I believe that it does. It also works with Merida and her Bogo disk giving her flaming arrows. JJ has insane burst damage as is so combining him with Hades/Jack Skellington with the scarers will allow him to be even more worthwhile.