Question about Yax

Hello! I just wanted to know why a lot of people say that Yax is bad. I used him for most of my early game and I’m just curious. Thanks!

Exactly. He is terrible later on


Ha’s just bad, bad, bad, bad, bad…

What makes him so bad. There is the heal…

Yes, but he is just bad. And there are much better Healers (K&S, Joy, Miguel, Rapunzel)

But for a long time he was my strongest hero… With Calhoun… :sweat_smile:

Thanks! Got it.

You’re welcome

What do you people think about this Team:
Kristoff and Sven
Ducky and Bunny

How many stars is Mushu? He’s my best at 4 stars. What are the star ratings and ranks for them? Can you level them up to a good level? Mulan and Mushu are very good for me, while I don’t have the others. Megara seems to have some potential and I do see Kristoff and Sven in some Arena lineups.

And what about disks?

All Level 102, Orange+1 to Orange+3, Skills on Max Lvl 102, D&B, K&S and Mushu 4-Star and Mulan and Meg 3-Star

Both Disks for Meg, working on a disk for D&B

What is this team for?

Campaign and Arena

What league in Arena? This should be good for until Gold 1 and maybe some of Platinum. This is only from my assumptions though. There could be a difficulty drop or increase.

Arena Plat 5

On June 30th I’ll buy Randall and Li Shang in their shops…

I wanna work on Shang then

Haven’t been there. But these should be good enough to win a few games. :slight_smile: I think it’s worth a try.

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