Question: Best Characters in Each Invasion

So yeah, the title basically says it all: what are the best characters in each type of invasion? Or more specifically, the best characters to use against the bots. I’m on Server 1, so any characters are available to me.

Madam Mim.


Its not that simple
She only works in yellow invasion
And using her by herself will get you nowhere

For starters:
Blue Invasion: Shego is a must, you can also use King Louie (Pe) and Stitch (Ma) to slow down the bot for long periods of time
Red Invasion: Russel and Kevin, someone to trigger shatter (typically Manticore with Mushu Disk), pretty much it
Yellow Invasion: Madam Mim, Elastigirl (JJ), Esmerelda, I know there are more but I don’t remember them right now
For all invasions, you can use Animal (Go)

Bendy’s tier list can also help you choose good heroes for invasion (Look for heroes with an R for red invasion, a B for blue invasion, and/or a Y for yellow invasion, there are also team setups in the corner of the tier list)


Why Madam Mim?

Madam Mim’s crocodile form (the one she will use against mama bot) does 35% of the target’s max HP as fantastic damage
Lower the reality on the bot and make her spam the bite and you are good


I commonly use Animal (equally performing, or even better is Esmeralda) and King Louie (equally any good slower, however Pe disk does not have a level cap).

Then it is pretty simple.

You need: Red - Russell, Blue - Shego, Red - Mim + Elastigirl (w/ 5* JJ disk).

For all teams a reviver = Meg, Angel, Jim (w/ Red Skill), in Blue and Red I also use Drakken (Gi) - if your Russell/Shego are 10+ ranks behind.
For yellow I also use Maximus, works for me. For some Davy Jones or Kida work too.

This is my infographic of how I do Invasions pretty much:

(The top most is Codebase team not Invasion, just so you know)


So two questions:

  1. How high of bot level do you get with those lineups?
  2. Why is Angel and King Louie on more than one list?

Is there any level limitations to her crocodile form?

Yes, but powerups should take care of that for you

  1. As high as I want. If I only have time to get to bot level 470 or so for all the tier rewards, I’ll stop there; if I have time to push on to bot level 10,000 so that I can let guildmates hit my bot for lots of points, I can do so.

  2. Because the skills for which they’re being used don’t depend on level, so they work equally well regardless of what type of invasion is going on. Same thing with Animal, whose Gonzo disk speeds up your team equally well during any invasion.

Sorry to revive this thread, but I have to ask why King Louie is so essential in the first place?

He’s not essential, other slowers (such as Stitch (Ma)) work as well, but he is often used because his Pan disk will automatically slow the Mama Bot and then it just needs to hit one banana and it’s slowed by 100% so it won’t move.
The same goes for Stitch (Ma) where ‘Slobber’ will slow the Mama Bot by 100% when the disk is maxed.


So he won’t move or attack if hit by one banana huh? Sounds pretty good.

Yep, as long as he is using the Pan disk with at least 4 stars.


Every team: King Louie (Pe), Animal (Go) and Jim
Yellow team: Elastigirl (JJ), Madam Mim
Red team: Raya and/or Russell & Kevin (Hu) and someone to tank the bot so they stay alive (like Wasabi)
Blue team: Shego, Megara (Sh)

King Louie’s slow is way more reliable than Stich’s because it is constant and not skill dependent. It permaslows the Boss so it never spawns any bots that intercept your skills/attacks
Jim protects from the Boss’s first laser attack which can be deadly.
Animal speeds everyone up indefinitely and they activate their skills faster

Make sure you have a 5star disk for Louie, Animal, Elastigirl (the more reality she negates the higher Mim’s damage will be), Megara (to keep Shego invincible for longer after Meg dies)

These teams have never failed me. Just keep powering up Mim for yellow team, Raya or/and Russell for red team and Shego for blue team.


This is very good advise. Thank you.

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Oh, before I forget; once King Louie permaslows the boss, is he capable of attacking with his main attack?

What do you mean by “main” attack? Basic attack? Of course. Other skills? Yes, but not white.

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Sorry, should have been more specific. Basically, his laser beam that one hit kills heroes. From the sound of it, it does.

Oh… Well no. Can’t.

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