Question to perblue

This post my be flagged but i can deal with that are you guys even caring about the game anymore it seems you guys just add updates without thinking either its adding op heroes of adding the red skill. Its just not healthy for the game, I understand its hard to make games or make updates but if you guys can’t then sell the game. So foyou guts put any thought into the updates you make or do you just make them? The game has bin going into a ditch for the last couple months and its stupid to just ep going. And do you listen to the community? Ever? Because none of us ever asked for a red skill or level caps or more op heroes. We were happy with what we got, but yoiu guys were not ask yourselfs did you make them game for fun? Or for money, its really dumb can you please listen for once?not just about what heroes we want but what we don’t need, the game is all p2p you should be able to be f2p I understand you guys need money, but you made money before this didn’t you? I also know you guys work super hard, but its useless since you guys are loosing many people each day. Do you want to get more people and more money? Then listen

Ways to bring back players

  1. Stop with the level caps
  2. Add new balanced heroes
  3. Listen to are ideas.
  4. Make it easier to get gold.
  5. Stop making everything money.

This is not a hate speech to perblue its just me telling you guys bring back the game. I know many people will agree with me.

But please.




Harsh but true!
I remember when this game was difficult but fair, like you could use any hero you wanted and still stand a chance in battle! But now it’s get the new heroes or you’re toast!


God just get good and quit complaining it’s Disney they have a lot to deal with

Whatever one’s opinion of the post or of PB, the game is not being developed by Disney, but by a team at PerBlue. They do have a lot to deal with - all of it concerning Disney Heroes :wink:


Still I hate when people complain they try their best to appease to One of the biggest communities in the world

Are you talking about peblue? They are no where near one of the biggest.

Also if you disagree so much then don’t comment.

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I meant Disney actually I’m also speaking my opinion and I have a freedom of speech but I understand his point but…can we not just be thankful for what they have done for us so far they are trying to make it balanced

When they’re trying they add red skills and miss piggy two very well balanced things.

But I get your point.

Yeah I get how you feel but I just want everybody to be happy

The thread is called “Question to perblue”
Question, singular.
I counted 10.

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Well said! This game is still very fun, but it was more fun in the beginning before all these stuff happened.

As a f2p player I am severly struggling to keep up. I am just about to hit player level 100 within the next day on server 5. To put it frankly i am not going to be able to get the red badge skills as it is probably going to take me i dont know how long to get to the current level cap. By then the level cap will most likely be at 200. How am i supposed to keep up with new heroes who are conplety overpowered and basically pay 2 win. I’m trying really hard to grind but i am losing motivation to do so.

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I still enjoy the content of this game even though we’re going through an unexpected path! Though, to make it actually enjoyable, there are times that the PB team needs to focus on the major issues that us players want to solve immediately(such as the unbalanced heroes) or what we actually need.

mmHMMM. How very kind and pacifist of you. Denying the fact that PB has ignored the big issues won’t make anyone any happier. Quite the opposite, in fact.

At least PerBlue listens to the little things, every once in a good while.


Yeah that’s my point

I agree turn every 10 pound of purchase into 1000 dimonds

Stop, Don’t revive a topic please

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