Questions for PerBlue: March 2022

Your wasting your time. I asked them to do something about the friendship campaigns in the last Q&A. All they told me is just level up of my character and use power-ups.

Besides, I think you have it in wrong section. Shouldn’t this be in the pain points post.

Any questions related to the game are allowed here I believe. :man_shrugging:

But they are also listing some of the things that needs to be improved. Which should go in the pain points post.

But they’re asking a question. And that belongs here.

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But we can always ask if they POSSIBLE to be added, saves time and hopes.

Thanks to that we know Edna Mode or Tarzan is impossible.

They already did long time ago, enemies are way below current cap now. Instead of being Y11, they are Y4.

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And I tell you that is not enough :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: what is wrong with being able to quick fight/manual fight all friend campaigns using 1 hero? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

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The more pressing question is, Why are using one character?

  1. What is your favorite food combination, especially controversial ones?
  2. Since it was recently Pi Day, what is your favorite pie?
  3. Are there more wheels or more doors in the world? (Team Wheels)
  4. Yanny or Laurel? (I hear Yanny)
  5. White and gold? Black and blue? (White and gold)
  6. What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe, and everything?

Because I don’t have enough resources and the assist heroes in some friend campaigns are not my main. Like for Bagheera-Baloo, I only have Bagheera

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It never meant to require only one hero… out of 5.

Then that should be changed as “we don’t need to work on all heroes”

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unfortunately, with previous Q&A sessions one could’ve said this about literally everyone asking questions, and I’m not expecting this one to be any different.

Questions like Stitch’s will be answered, questions about the game will not.


As per my earlier question, I was not asking about specific heroes, it was more a general question on if the Devs can shift focus away from movie characters to tv characters.

I came to this game hoping for playable characters from my favorite Disney cartoon shows and so far, they are an underrepresented group.

My understanding is that the pain points post is for “Quality of Life” suggestions, rather than for all the resource/power-creep/balance/etc. problems we feel the game currently has. If I’m wrong, I’d love for Loutre to correct me.

While I’m normally adamantly against “will such-and-such character(s) be added?”-type questions, this one is broad enough that I’d like to see it addressed. I don’t really want a shift away from movie characters, but considering how well the movie side of Disney and Pixar have been covered, I think including some more TV characters would be appropriate.

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Thought I would post some general question for the devs answering the questions maybe some of the new staff will be answering

  • Have you worked on other mobile games and if you can say what game were they ?

  • Your Favourite Disney Character ?

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To keep more anonymous they may not want to answer this part.

A couple …

In the past several months, new heroes have settled into a pattern of sign-in or prize wall. Are there any plans to vary from this pattern?

What are your favorite obscure Disney movies? Obscure Disney characters?

Can the rewards for the codebase be increased?
It’s starting to take a very long time to level up the battle badge.

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This I would save for live Q and A.

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With the additions of Zeus and Sisu, can we expect more big characters like Warmonga, Sid Phillips, and the MCP?

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